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Monday, January 23, 2012

Life update (long & picture heavy)

Life has been CRAZY lately. I been going to work & school. No time to shop or blog or watch tv or work out. I barely sleep but anything to get an education. And I know I am lucky to even get the chance to have a full time job && go to school. This week I decided to try something and make a super detailed schedule. Which includes blogs, work outs, school, work, and my tv shows (Pretty Little Liars, Jane by design & gossip girl! :D.

I want to share some random pictures with you guys. Hope you guys like em :) ps: pictures are disorganized. Sorry!!!!

1. I went to the bathroom @ EPCOT (of of Disney world parks) and they taught me how to wash my hands. Haha

2. Love how Moroccan oil is making m hair grow and leaves it shiny, soft and smelling great.

3. One of the rides at Epcot. This was on the Mexico area (Epcot is like a countries themed park)

4. Giant turtle at the aquarium.

5. On the Italy area. My boyfriend was like, WHY IS POSEIDON IN ITALY, isn't he Greek? I almost died laughing.

6. This was in the Mexico area as well. Inside it was a ride\restaurant/store. Super beautiful.

7. My insanity workout. Is a 60 day challenge and I'm starting tomorrow. I wanna loose 30 pounds. Wish me luck. I will blog more about it.

8. Arm candy. I got my rose gold watch a few weeks ago @ Kohls. Is relic and I love it. So easy to mix it up with other bracelets.

9. Norway area.

10. Ahh my favorite part of the night at the park. Eiffel tower lit up. I want to go to Paris so bad. It'd be cool to have a bloggers meet up @ Paris

11. Japan area. I almost died with all the hello kitty stuff he he

12. Sea horses. My favorite.

13. Mickey mouse at the bottom of the aquarium.

14. And finally CHINA. I hate tea but we tried some tea and it was pretty neat!

That was my weekend. Hope you guys had a good one. This week I'm determined to blog more. I really like just venting out and reading other peoples blog is so relaxing and inspiring!

This week I wanna blog about my workout, what i really want this week, and a scarf I made myself. Fingers cross I manage to do it.



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