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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bronzed Beauty

I went to Target today to get some soap and stuff he he & like always I stopped at the make up section just to check out what was new...I saw a tutorial by Michelle Phan about make up for girls with glasses (yes, I wear glasses regularly for work and contacts only on special occasions) and she used a very pretty gold color from Lancome, but I found this "Beauty Bronzed" eyeshadow quad by SONIA KASHUK that has a very pretty glittery gold and browns/bronze colors... I havent used it yet since I am speed blogging because I have to be on my way to work in 15 minutes but I took some pics so you guys can check it out...maybe tomorrow Ill try my make up and see how it turns out. So far is seems like a really good quality :)


  1. Cute blog! :)

  2. Lovely eyeshadows ;) Thank you so much for following..I'm following you back ;)

    Evi xoxo

  3. These colors look so pretty! Very neutral! Gotta love neutral! ♥