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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Take it off...

Last night I had this crazy urge to try something new on my nails, but I had the Shellac on. And even though I love Shellac it sucks soaking it off, specially because my hands feel all dry afterwards and they smell like acetone and all that jazz, but my mom taught me this trick a long time ago and I usually just use it for glitter nail polish, or dark nail polish  or reds (because you know when you take off red nail polish your whole finger ends up red!) so here is what you need:

What you do is grab the acetone and soak the cotton ball or square (it doesnt matter) until is reaaaally wet, put it on top of your nail and wrap the tinfoil around the cotton and nail like this :  >>>>>

Leave it for 3-5 minutes and when you take it off, ALL THE GLITTER, RED, BLACK, DARK, OR GELISH OR SHELLAC will be GONE! 

After I was done I didnt know what to do with my nails so I just went with Sonia Kashuk Tauped nail polish... I love it soo much! :)

I hope you guys try the nail polish removing technique and have a great weekend. I am sick, so I have been in bed watching Gossip Girl and reading your blogs...You guys are awesome! :D

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