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Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Retail Therapy.

I have been sick for like a week & a half but I'm finally getting better. Between working really long hours, essays & homework & injured mom, seemed like I was NEVER going to get better, but I'm getting there. I head over to the mall on Friday to see if I could pick up a new book, but nothing really caught my attention. I'm still in the hunt though. Anyways the thing is I ended up buying make up at MAC which I posted on my previous blog and now I decided to show you guys the pretty jewelry I got. Forever 21 had a 30% off of all jewelry so I indulged a little bit :)

So the first thing I got was gold pretty bangles. And since they are 30% off of 5.80 why not pick them up in silver too? A girl can never have too many bangles. Or I think so anyways!

I also got this studded bracelet in a cute cream and gold colors. I have a feeling I will use this a lot! And the last jewelry piece I bought was this cute cross with a rose in a vintage bronze color. I think with a plain white Tee, black leather jacket, this necklace & I'll be feeling like a rockstar. For a few anyways :)

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  1. LOVE the cream studded bracelet. Too cute!

    xo Ashley