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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The end of one crazy week!

This week was FULL moon week. & full moon plus psych hospital = no bueno! I am so tired I can barely type. However I got a xmas present from work! Wanna guess???? $50.00 gift card to TARGET. Boy was I excited! I love target. So anyways I went to target, ulta & Kohls today before heading to work and ending my crazy week. I wanna show you guys what I got because

1. Is kind of beauty related & you guys might want to try it.

2. I feel like just blogging.

So I'll start with ULTA:

1. I got smash box primer. $32.00

* it is sooo good. I was using sephoras but made me feel cakey & didn't like that at all. Smashbox leaves my face FLAWLESS!

2. Smashbox under eye brightner. $22.00

* I'm not sure if I even need this. Or love or hate it. I've only used it once & to be honest didn't see a different. Not buying it again I guess.

3. Essie $7.00

* can't wait to wear it on Xmas :)


1. Shaun white gum $1.39

(No picture)

* so yummy he he

2. Revlon "facets if fushia" $3.79

* I told you guys it would be mine!

3. Sally hansen "strobe lights"    $3.79

4. Sonia kashuk blending brush $12.99

* I really needed a new fluffy brush. Can't wait to try it.

5. Sonia kashuk foundation kabuki brush $14.99

* is sooo soft :)


** I can't show you guys YET because is for my blogger secret Santa person which I'll be sending her present tomorrow. So I will show you guys what I bought her. I might get one for me too because I found it sooo cute {specially for spring even though it still winter but heyyy he he) & If you guys love it too Im thinking of doing that GIVE AWAY because I am just super thankful of the few comments I get :]**

This weekend I'm gonna finish my room, get a pedi, xmas shop & watch gossip girl.

What are you guys doing this weekend :)


  1. I'm actually wearing the purple polish. For so long I wanted and then finally remembered to buy it about a month ago. Love it :) My crazy week has finally ended too. It's official my winter break :) Christmas party tonight! Hope you have a great weekend girl!

    xo erica

  2. Jealousss that you have facets of fuchsia! Can;t believe it's so cheap over there!

  3. I have Strobe Lights.... and I totally love it . super cute over most nail polishes.. I have been wanting to get the purple Revlon one but can't seem to find one yet :(

    great blog hun... I am a new follower... I invite you to check out my blog hope you visit...