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Monday, January 16, 2012

The many uses of :

Petroleum jelly. I don't know about you guys but it wasn't until a while ago that petroleum jelly grossed me out and I do not know why. A few weeks ago I researched it an I was amazed by all the uses it has. I want to share some with you guys. Some are beauty relate some are not. Regardless, is good info!!!!!

1. Lip balm: do you ever run out of lip balm? Well if you are lip balm obsessed like me you probably don't but petroleum jelly can be used a good lip balm.

2. Make your own make up: I know is like, wait WHAT?! but with a little bit of food coloring you can make a TINTED lip balm or even as a CREAM blush.

3. Lengthen the durability of your perfume or body mist: just Dab a little of jelly on your skin and then spray your perfume on top. It'll last way longer!!

4. Smooth those eyebrows: ran out of eyebrow gel? Petroleum jelly got you!

5. Messy manicures, never again! : apply petroleum jelly on the edges of your nails. Paint your nails and then clean edges with a cotton swab and you don't have to worry about getting nail polish on your skin!

6. Stuck ring?: get some petroleum jelly. I know the feeling of that mini heart attack when the ring doesn't come off!

7. Painting your doors?: rub some if this on door mess guaranteed.

8. Remove water marks off your nice wood: apply some jelly to it and leave 12-16 hours. It'll be gone!

9. Take care if your leather: wether is shoes or a pretty jacket. Apply it, and take it if. Shine shine!

10. Lip stick stain?: I don't think so. Before you launder the clothes dab a little on the stain and launder them as usual.

This are just some I thought were good to know. I might re search other things like this & share it with you guys.

Happy Monday. I have 10.5 hours until I leave my job :(

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  1. haha, good to know! cute background, that vaseline is just too funny.

  2. Thanks for all the tips. :) I'm definitely gonna give some of them a try. ;)