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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend FUN. [Random]

I wasn't going to blog today because I am freaking tired! This weekend was so much fun!
Friday, I started my day by going to the Post Office and mailing Amber from MY LIFE UNMASKED & winner of my december giveaway her prize. Later, I went bowling with some of my friends since it was some of them the last day they would be in town so we celebrated with bowling & cupcakes!

Later, I went home, cooked some dinner for the fam & went to the movies with two of my favorite ladies. One of them is super scary movie freak and she made us watch THE DEVIL INSIDE ME. Ugh i covered my eyes and ears!!!! I prefer romantic comedies or dramas, thanks you!  and thats how my friday ended!

Saturday was regular Saturday. Mom made pancakes, we went shopping! I actually got a mini ULTA haul to post with reviews because I love reading reviews so I decided that maybe some of you ladies might want to try some of the products I got but are unsure! And of course I got the JANUARY giveaway stuff! It will open TUESDAY! so stay tuned he he. Later went to TARGET with my brother and nephew And then I took some white mocha to my boyfriend at work. ahhh what a nice weekend. Today Im just watching GOSSIP GIRL WITH MOM eating junk food....but heeeeey :]

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend too! This week I got a super EASY DIY, GIVEAWAY OPENING, REVIEW/HAUL & CRAVING! SOOOO KEEP READING WHILE I READ AND COMMENTS URS!

In case you're wondering (Shirt: F21, Cardi: WET SEAL, Watch: RELIC "Rose Gold")

PS: Leopard print & censoring pictures will always be my fave <3

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  1. I'm going to be watching gossip girl too. I need to catch up, I'm still on season 4!! Glad you had such a great weekend, bowling is always so much fun. About your question about the headband, I did use to sell it. If you are still interested in buying one, I'm always happy to do a custom order...just let me know or email me.

    xo erica