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Sunday, April 17, 2011

New to This.

I have been wanting to do a blog for the longest time. Why? I don't know. Even though my life is crazy I feel silly talking about it...specially to strangers. But maybe somebody out there can relate? I also made this with the purpose of selling some of the things I do! I do have a job, I actually work at a mental hospital, but deep down inside I feel like my call is something I guess part of this whole blog deal is figure that out.

So, I guess a little about me really quick! Name is NAARA. And my mother find it in the bible (chronicles 4:5 or 5:4 something like that!) I turned 21 recently (APRIL 10TH!) Im going to school for psychology, but want to explore other things such as fashion, social work, education & a few other things. I work at a mental hospital, been there for 8 months & it still havent gotten to me yet...I dont love it, but I dont hate it either! I love shopping and I have more clothes than I can wear in a year or two. Im a very simple girl in a very complex girl...I will post more about my birthday & others :]

Random Quote:
"I love to engage in repartee with people who are stupider than I am" - Ann Coulter

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