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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Back to!

My weekend is not officially over...YET until I get to work tomorrow. But since I just got home from my last adventure of my weekend I decided to post my crazy shots of the weekend. Friday was awesome. I woke up early, did laundry, paid my bills, had lunch with an old friend, and of course....WATCHED BREAKING DAWN! I honestly can say it was my favorite from all the movies...and the book was my least favorite. Crazy huh? And just in case you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm talking about TWILIGHT :P anyways, today I just chilled at home, watched some movies & later went to get a new phone for my boyfriend & of course a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. Love it! It was a good weekend. Got lots of sleep. Hoping for a super productive week. I want to re decorate my room and decorate for holidays :).

Here are the crazy pics!

1. Gotta love car washes. I find them relaxing.

2. I bought this Burts Bee lip gloss. Wow love how it makes my lips look!

3. I think this message on the cup was really cute.

4. Waiting at a drive thru for my coffee :)!

5. On Friday after everything. So tired.

6. Love my Michael kors flats, but today I got hello kitty band aids...not so comfortable :(

7. Been wearing this pendant all weekend.

8. Starbucks...again!

9. Movies I watched this weekend.

10. My nephew living the good life!

11. New favorite nail polish for fall. Bahama mama from Essie. Oh and my mushroom a friend made a looong time ago!

12. Woah my had looks so white.

And I apologized for the pictured being all over the place. This blog was a mobile blog! :]

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