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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's in my "make up" bag?

I've been seeing a lot of "what's in my bag/purse/make up bag" post lately. And I don't know about you guys but I love seeing what products people love to have on the go and even get ideas. So I was in the parking lot at work waiting until it was time to clock in & was reaching for my lip balm and was like "hmm let's see what I have in here" so here is the results. I apologize of it comes out disorganized. I been blogging on my iPhone app.

1. This is the inside of my make up bag.

2. I bought it at target for $12.99. Here's the Sonia Kashuk logo.

3. I bought it in sparkly silver. Just because I was feeling festive. It was a couple weeks ago!

4. Everything fits perfectly!

5. First, I always keep band aids. This are hello kitty theme. I like them so much! They were 15 for $1.00 at target as well.

6. Advil. But usually any pain killer. I try not to avoid drinking pain killers, but sometimes work + migraines = disaster.

7. Nail file & clippers are so essential. My nails are super fragile and the usually break randomly so I can always reach for my file and fix it and prevent it for breaking even more.

8. LIP stuff! I got lip balm, lip gloss and lip stick. My lip balm is EOS brand and I totally recommend it. Is about 3-5 dollars and it comes in different colors and flavors*? I just think is adorable too he he. For lip gloss I got Burts bee lip gloss and not only does it smells good it makes your lips look fuller and smooth! An for my lipstick I got Revlons baby pink (I think that's the name) is a little shimmery but is natural looking and it goes great with my lip gloss :)

9. Next I got Falsies mascara (MY FAVORITE!), maybellines water proof black eye pencil (for an express cat eye when I work in the AMs) & Bobby pins (you'd be surprise how much I use this Bobby pins!)

10. I love Sonia kashuk blushes & it helps that they are compact size and I can carry my favorite of the moment in my make up bag. This is "Melon" shade.

11. Mac powder!

12. This right here is pretty awesome. More (#13)

13. yeah...make up brushes. I love this little thing because I hate walking around with big brushes and this case is thin & the brushes are high quality.

That's pretty much all. I'll try to do my whole bag :) which is not much he he.

BTW I'm sooo getting in the Xmas spirit. With thanksgiving so close and all :]


  1. I really want to try some more sonia Kashuk products. In response to your comment on my post: Shoedazzle sent me an e-mail that I need to choose my shoes AFTER they had already charged my card. Once they charge you for the month, you get a Shoedazzle credit that I am pretty sure you can use whenever. :)

  2. cool post,you have nice beauty products


  3. I always love seeing these kinds of posts..I have the same EOS lip balm! =P

  4. Love your makeup bag. I actually need a new one because mine got messed up and now my makeup is everywhere. Fun post.

    xo erica

  5. Aw so cute. I have been looking for that eos lipbalm. Where didi you get that? I saw it in Walgreens in chicago but i didn't buy it at that time. Now I'm in LA and can't find that. :(

    Lovely post!