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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Quick & weird weekend shots.

I was super busy this weekend. A lot of things, good & bad, happened. I managed to take random shots (note I'm not a professional photographer, actually I suck at it he he & my iPhone takes crappy pics :( ) but needless to say I managed to take bits here and there to share.

PS: I was so busy I couldn't do the Saturday make up favorite. But I will tonight when I get home. Right now I'm
On my break at work via phone blogging !

1. Jerk Pasta from Bahamas Breeze restaurant. The boyfriend & I love the environment, music & food! Yum!

2. Leaving the hair salon :)

3. Boots I've had for a while but it was never cold enough to use them. Yay for high 60s weather. (Got the from AVON for $40.00)

4. My nephew @ our favorite restaurant today. Making his funny faces. I love him so much!

5. Starbucks. White chocolate mocha. Yes, please!

6. Random picture. I don't know how it happened. But it shows my favorite blue jeans & favorite bangles. (got em at forever 21. You can see a better pic on one of my blogs)

7. My boyfriend. He hates pictures. This was a good opportunity!

8. My boyfriend took this picture. Note he is 6'8" & I'm 5'3" And thats why I look startled haha

9. My outfit from Saturday. I wore it with my Avon chocolate boots. The weather was 65-75 so this long sweater ( to my ankles) was perfect. (long sweater is thrifted, but I saw a similar one at KohLs & the shirt is from Charlotte Russe :)

10. The make up I've been wearing lately. Using the naked palette of course :)

11. My boyfriend, his dog Bella & I

12. Bella shakes

13. How did this picture happened, I do not know but it kinda shows my outfit.

14. Getting my hair done. Why is that we look so ugly while getting pretty? Another mystery of life.

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  1. yummy food and fab boots! :D

    <3, Mimi