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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some of my favorite moments in life :)

I was browsing through my phone & found all these pics I love. And that bring amazing memories.

1. my oldest nephews birthday. He doesn't like parties. We always have a good time.

2. My biological sisters & I. I'm adopted and every little moment I get with them, even now that we are older, is amazing.

3. My daddy & I. I used to own horses & cows....I'm a country girl.

4. One of my baby nephews. Babies are just so full of love.

5. 21st birthday. Best cake/party I ever had.

6. Roller coasters! I'm in the last row with red shirt. Embarrasing! ;)

7. Two amazing friends and I (in black and pink shirt) at a masquerade party.

8. My tiny little circle of amazing gals.

9. My best BEST BEST friend. Every second I spend with her is my favorite!

10. Sleep over in your early 20s it still cool ;)

11. Sunsets in my beautiful island.

12. Again my nephews. My most prize possession :)


  1. what a cute post :)


  2. Beautiful photos =)

  3. Something on the side - is Your name Naara?
    That's so interesting, it means a 'mermaid' in my language!

  4. Cute pics! In response to your comment on my giveaway post, that is totally fine! :)

  5. ooh these pictures are really lovely! what a adorable post :)

  6. nice photos,
    love so see this on a blog

    new outfit post -

  7. every moment looks like fun :) xxx

  8. Great post! Love it! :)