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Sunday, December 18, 2011

7 Days to Christmas.

Happy Sunday!

Today is exactly 7 days till Christmas! Have you guys done your Christmas shopping? I have but for some reason I feel like I'm missing something. But I'm pretty sure thats just me trying to did an excuse to go back to the mall :)! I want to blog everyday this week so later on I can come back & read what I was up to this year during Xmas week! So today I am just going to work. I woke up read some blogs, cooked some pasta & got stuff ready for the week. Now, I'm in my car waiting to clock in at work. Trying to stay positive that it will be the best day ever @ work *fingers crossed*

I hope you guys have a wonderful day! Tomorrow, I work 16 hours but I'll manage to blog something :)

Ps: stay tuned I will officially talk about the giveaway this week!


  1. love the quote!
    live the life you love:)
    nice blog babe

    New outfit post:

  2. 16 hours?? Wow you are a hard working busy girl. I'm only halfway done with Christmas shopping...I really need to get on it. Come check out my giveaway!

    xo erica

  3. I am so behind on my christmas shopping ahhh!

  4. Happy Holidays! Hun ....
    have a blessed New Year!