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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I tried, but Im back at it!

I tried really hard to blog on these past few days, but work killed me and then today well I guess I should say yesterday, I went to DISNEY WORLD with my brother, his wife and my baby nephew. I am soooo tired. I can barely blink. Between family, work and holidays I think Im going to need 100 days of vacation :] I had to take tomorrow or today whatever it might be OFF of work because I can barely move. I want to post all the pictures from today & about the GIVEAWAY on thursday. So hopefully I organize all my ideas by then...On the mean time heres my favorite picture of the night and off to comment on your blogs & sleep <3


  1. SO jealous you went to disney world! Gorgeous photo!

    xoxo, H

  2. i want to go to disney land so badly!
    looks so good
    especially with christmas

    New outfit post : Lace meets tiger

  3. I go to school in Orlando and my friends are always going to Disney. Hope you had a fabulous time!