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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh how I wish...

That I had more time. To blog, to sleep, work out, work, shop, read, etc. But I only have 24 hours. I took today off due to a migraine. The ones you need to stay under your blanky. Yeah it was that bad. I spent all day in bed sleeping on and off. Around 600 mom dragged me out of bed and took me to eat & then she decided she needed to go to ulta & Victoria secret. So I couldn't resist to pick some stuff up. So I'll show you guys what the heck right? Sorry for Crappy pics. I'm in bed already & I just felt like it was my chance to blog something. I need to start showing love to my blog more! Specially since I already have valentines day giveaway ready. Don't want people to follow me for nothing!

Anyways here are the pictures.

1. Dry shampoo. $23.00

** I have never tried a dry shampoo but I have read this one is really good...I shall try it and review it!

2. Victoria secret body wash & scrub 3 x $25.00

** I got amber romance- oh god I am in looooove

** ravashing love- sexy

**pure seduction- even sexier

** PINK fresh vanilla collection : feel flirty. I love it. Specially for my purse (hint: might in the feb giveaway!) $8.00

4. Nail polish yay $8.00 each

I got

* Essie: nice is nice. A cute lilac for spring

* Essie: mint candy apple. Reminds me of Tiffanys box

* Essie: big spender. I admit I bought it for the name. Haha

:D thanks for reading.

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  1. Love the nail polishes! pretty shades!