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Friday, September 30, 2011



I was just cleaning my room and realized how many nail polish I actually own...every color, every size, every brand out there! Yes, I am a nail freak (And toes lol) I love having color in my nails & toes even if they are natural. I am actually looking to buy a Nail polish rack for my room and organize them...Maybe when I find it and organize everything I will post a blog about how it turned out :]! Anyways, after trying all the colors I had in my collection I decided to just go get a mani/pedi since I have been working 56 hours a week PLUS going to school. I had acrylic nails for the longest time, but before I had my acrylic nails done I used this amazing thing called CND SHELLAC! and today I finally went back to it. I decided to soak my acrylic off {NEVER LET THE PERSON DOING YOUR NAILS TO RIP THEM OUT 1ST. IT HURTS. 2ND. IF IT HURTS IS DEFINITELY NOT DOING ANY GOOD TO YOUR REAL NAIL} and ask for CND SHELLAC manicure...and boy I AM IN HEAVEN! 

I had acrylics for the longest time so my nails were pretty damaged, but they do not look damaged at all and they feel so strong and look so smooth...The nail salon I go to has very limited colors because not a lot of people know about it in my area, so I decided to go for a traditional french just until they get the darker reds, purples & browns, which are going to be perfect for FALL :]!

Here is their website if you want to do your own research, and look up salons that carry their products! 

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