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Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Lulu*s purchase!

I've read a lot about Lulu*s and how good their prices and quality was so I decided to try it. I went on the website (and just how I like it is very organized!) and they had a great variety of shoes, tops, dresses, bottoms....specially SHOES. I have been looking for over the knee boots, and lord does Lulu*s have amazing boots! I found my perfects boots. I was a little skeptical because my legs are a little bit thicker than regular girl since a I'm short and curvy (puerto rican over here! He he ) but I order them anyways. I got free shipping (I believe you get free shipping on orders over $75.00) and total cost of the boots were 89.00 exactly! They are consider vegan because they simulate real leather but they are not...they feel like leather too! The only problem is as mentioned I won't be able to use them with jeans unless they are jeggings because my legs are a lil thick but if you have slender legs....oooh you should go for them! This pics are not that good, but I will try to take better ones soon :)

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  1. ooo i love those boots. im looking everywhere for a decent pair of buckled biker boots!