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Friday, October 7, 2011

In love with Michael.

Today was my only day off of this week, and I milked the day!!!! Hehe well mostly went shopping :). I bought a lot of stuff but since I have no Internet at home yet (they come October 11 yay!) and I have to use my iPhone, I feel like the blog will be disorganized like the last one. And I hate that! So anyways, I decided to show you guys my favorite and most expensive thing I bought. I been wanting some nude wedges or/and I fell in love with Michael kors. I usually just browse through MK section but nothing ever caught my eye like his watches. So I saw this flats and I knew I had to have them!!!! The color I believe is called dusk and they are super comfortable. The original price was 98.00 but I guess there's some kind of sale at Macy's shoe department and they ended up being 85.00. I am so happy. I'm wearing then tomorrow to my friends birthday dinner :D. Check em out:

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