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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Target HAUL!

I had the day of yesterday and decided to treat myself to a movie and walk around my favorite town center. I watched WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER? and it was adorable!!! If you like romantic comedies or CHRIS EVANS, GO WATCH IT! anyways after the movie I had some energy stored so I decided to go to Target and I ended up getting a few cool things. First thing I wanna show you guys is these ELF dazzled make up brushes. I always loved ELF brushes because they are good quality and super affordable. And they are durable too! They were about 3.99 each and they come in purple, pink & white little diamonds (crystals) I thought they were so cute specially for the holidays coming I think it'd be a cool gift to prepare a little basket or make up bag with these brushes for your friends. :)

Another thing I got was a Sonia kashuk nail polish. I've heard about how good Sonia kashuk make up was but I had never seen it before, well my target finally got it! I loved all of it but specially this nail polish and few other stuff I'll talk about later on. I got the TAUPED nail polish. I love nudes color for my nail in fall! And I thought this was kind of a dark nude if that makes any sense and I have yet to try it since I bought it last night but I am super excited to try it out.

Another Sonia kashuk thing I got was this neutral eyeshadow palette. This was probably like 15.99? But I love it because it has a little book attached to it with instruction on how to get 3 different looks! (I will post a blog just reviewing this product because is just that amazing)

I also got a Sonia kashuk liquid eye far the best one I had. I bought mine in black but I might come back for the coffee one.

I think the last "make up" thing related thing I got was this elf make up mist. I never used one before. Is supposed to make your make up last longer. We will see how that goes LoL :)

And then the last thing I got and my favorite is this pink breast cancer shirt! We are in breast cancer awareness month and these shirts are just so cute and great way to celebrate survivors and those loved ones who passed away too soon.

I will post another blog a little bit more organize once I get my Internet back and I don't have to blog on my phone with crappy pics and all disorganized.


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  1. wow those brushes are blinged out :-)