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Monday, October 3, 2011

Make up remover towelettes.

The worst thing, or one of them anyways, is getting home from a long night and wanting to take your make up off and realize you only have a little bit left because you gave your brand new bottle to your friend so she could try it and forget all about it (note I don't use make up often) so I rushed into my nearest 24/7 Walmart & decided to try Garnier refreshing make up remover towelettes. I was a little skeptical because I use lancome make up remover and with 1 or 2 cottons and a little bit of of lancome make up remover all my make up is GONE! so I went home and opened then, smelled them (yeah I smell everything) and read the package....I finally took one out and swiped my face with it and when I looked in the mirror EVEN THE MASCARA WAS OFF. My face was clean and baby butt soft! With just one sheet everything was off, and I use full coverage make up which can be hard some times to remove. Of course being OCD I used another one and it came out clean! It was only like 5.99 or something like that I can't really remember. It is definitely good to have around for emergencies or in your car or purse. I still will continue to use my lancome but I'm definitely keeping this towelettes with me in my car just in case. Or who knows maybe to save some extra money I'll keep using the garnier towelettes for every day make up like (mascara at eyeliner)

Let me know which make up remover you think is better :)

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