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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Phone blogging can be so frustrating!

I really have a nice haul I want to share with you guys from yesterday, but since I have no Internet at home because they are coming October 11th to install it, this is my only way :(! I don't like it because the pictures come out too big or disorganized plus I'm new at this so I feel like is all I mess. But today is just a "Fork" (as in twilight book lol) kind of day. Is raining and raining and gloomy *sigh* so I'm just going to try my best with phone blogging. Here we go:

My first stop yesterday was Forever 21. They had soooo much cute stuff but I could only get a few things. So I got this long necklace which is a combination of little pearls, little pink beads and chains. It was only 8.80 and it looks very versatile. Plus I think it'll be my October necklace since it has that hint of pink (breast cancer awareness month! Yeah!!!) second thing I grabbed was this other pink heart necklace. I just thought it was cute for a lazy day. A nice V-neck or Dolman sweater with jeans and this necklace and a bracelet I'll talk a little bit more soon would be cute. Plus again pink perfect for this month! The third thing was the gold chain bracelet and intertwined it has pink and brown strings. I thought it was adorable. Perfect for fall :) I also got two "rocker studs" bracelets. Love it for when I feel a little punk-ish

Last thing I got at forever 21 was this beautiful elegant black shirt which the picture doesn't do any justice for :( maybe I can find a link and you guys can see it from the website. Is got a lace back and is cropped. Is sheer as well so I'm planning on wearing a black cami underneath and pairing with the first necklace I talked about and my Mk flats i previously blogged on :) I'm wearing that today for my friends bday! I think it'll be sophisticated and sexy plus supporting breast cancer awareness all the way :D

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