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Monday, November 28, 2011

Harajuku mini

I havent been to my favorite store "Target" in sooo long, that I didnt even know they had launched the Harajuku mini for Target.  When I saw it I was super excited because I have two little nieces one is 2 year old the other one is 9 months. And yes, Ill admit Im the auntie that with every present she includes a clothing item. So, I was like hellooo christmas present :] I only got something for my two year old since I was in a hurry and she's kind of more fun to shop clothes for because she is a super girly girl, while baby is well just a baby and really just looks pretty and drools. Ill be back for something for her though! So let me show you guys! (PS: I wasnt going to blog about this, but some of you have kids, or even nieces and nephews too! so kids fashion is definitely IN)

Ok, so she lives in Washington state so is always really cold so I got her this cute Jacket.

This jacket was $30.00. I think with some black tights & sparkly red shoes (Which I am officially in the hunt for now) would look so beautiful for the holidays :)

Then I decided to get her a purse, of course...

The purse is plaid on the cute :] and it was $12.99

Now I just need to find her some sparkly red shoes :]

I also got a few things for me, but I will blog about that later on tonight, if Im not too tired after word and a final I have to take. Is nothing interesting, a nail polish and some make up stuff. I hope you guys love the Harajuku mini stuff. You guys can check it out at your local target or targets website.


  1. cute polkadot top dear <3

  2. Whhaattt. I didn't know that! Thanks for informing us! That's so awesome, I'll have to check it out!

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